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Sue's Idol "Six Sick Senses" 2016

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Sue's Idol "Six Sick Senses" digipak (USA FREE SHIPPING)

"Six Sick Senses" a whirlwind of Metal Church meets Sanctuary Metallicisms forged by a 30 year metal bond of industry pros who took matters in their own hands. Memorable choruses, thought provoking lyrics, riffage of the highest order. A Menza styled drum attack combined with searing guitar solos from a Shrapnel Records guest make this the traditional heavy metal album of 2016. Get sick with Six, Sick Senses today!

01. Six Sick Senses
02. DMO (Dark Matter Obscura)
03. Halls Of Mourning
04. Scion Pariah
05. Kill Or Be Killed
06. Luna Sees
07. Metal Octane
08. Gears Of War
09. Taste This Evil
10. A Minor Requiem
11. Lady Painted Death